Can i sell a stock, buy it back and sell it within 3 days in a cash account under 25k?

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Determining of objective and build of strategies is the essence of successful trading of Indian share. There are frequent other things that need to be measured as well. Relatively considering completely the price issue, it will be sensible on your element to think the cost of the Indian stock that you are going to spend. When per the stock tips suggested by specialists, spreading out your capital in a broad range of share for both extended term and small term will constantly keep you on the appealing frame. It is after performing research, continue to rationalize with what is occurrence later in the Indian trading market, applying investing instrument like stock technical study, fundamental investigation and so on, that you can get the potentiality of any exacting NSE or BSE shares. On the other hand various followed stock tips is purchased when each person else is turn to sell when everybody is purchasing. Well, in there additional restriction to be calculated as well.

If you used money from the first sale to buy the stock back you would you would violate the freeriding rule if you sold the stock again in less than three days.

If you did not use money from the first sale to buy the stock back there would not be any problem.

Definition of the freeriding rule:

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Why sell the stock then but it back 🔙 then re sell it – well it depends on the reasons why you got it back 🔙 in the first place – you'll look suspicious if you do something of the sort
The Security Exchange Commission expressly forbids just that, as that is how stocks are manipulated.
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