Can I Still get Social Security Benefits If I have No Work Credits But get them After I Was Disabled?

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If you have no work credits then are you getting social security? You could only get social security without work credits if you are a disabled adult child receiving social security benefits off of a parent who is getting social security retirement or disability benefits or who is deceased. If that isn't the case then you don't get social security benefits.. You probably get SSI (supplemental security income). SSI isn't social security even though the program is managed by the Social Security Administration. SSI is a federal welfare program which pays benefits to people who are either aged (65 or older) or who are disabled with limited income and resources.

If you earn enough work credits to become entitled to a social security benefit on your own account, your SSI will continue because you will have a very low social security benefit. All but $20 of that social security benefit will reduce the SSI benefit. In other words if you get a $200 a month social security benefit it will reduce the SSI benefit by $180.

The MINIMUM number of work credits a person needs is 6 if the person is under age 22. The number of work credits a person needs increases as they age until, at age 31, you would have to have 20 work credits. A person must also have to be what is called fully insured and that rises as a person ages as well until it reaches 40 work credits. For example, a 55 year old would have to have a total of 40 work credits and in order to get social security disability benefits 20 of those work credits would have to have been earned in the 10 years from age 45 to age 55. Disability benefits are intended to replace a loss of recent earnings unlike survivor and retirement benefits. For survivor and retirement benefits a person needs a certain # of credits but it doesn't matter when it is they earned those credits.

So yes, you will continue to receive social security disability or SSI disability after you've earned enough credits to get benefits on your own account because your own benefit won't be very high. However, if you work and earn $1170 a month or more you will lose disability entitlement because that is considered to be gainful employment and you can't be gainfully employed and maintain disability eligibility.

SS benefits are earned with 40 quarters of acceptable work during your lifetime
you can still work at a job that is included in the SS system while you are disabled only you are limited to the amount you can make without it affecting the amount of your SS award
Social security requires a certain number of work credits. For disability, number required depends on your age.. If you're able to work to get credits, you're not disabled by ss rules.
That is called welfare or SSI.
To receive Social security benefits based on working, u MUST work Forty reported Quarters (3months)..
Total time of reports and payments is TEN full years of working.
Visit SSA GOV website for actual education about Reality

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