Can I take prerequisites classes if I m not admitted into the nursing program?

I m an incoming freshman and I ve applied to NIU s nursing program, but didn t get accepted due to fierce competition. I have some questions and they re probably stupid ones. Can I take the prerequisite classes if I m not admitted into the program? If not, what classes will I be taking instead?

Other answer:

Of course you take prerequisite classes, which you likely need for admittance to the nursing program. Talk with your advisor about how to plan and what your chances are for getting into the nursing program. However, the prereqs are basic sciences and humanities that you will need for most any major.
This is a question for your college adviser.
You need to know if you can be accepted at a later date; as a sophomore?
If not what are you going to major in?
You need to be talking to the university
Simpson G.:
Of course you can take them.… Is an example of PreReqs – these are typically classes that anyone enrolled can take.
Usually yes you can.