Can I use identification card still?

I'm 18 and have an Identification card mostly for job age confirmation.

But it's Arizona and says it's famous thing "Not for Federal identification"

Other answer:

When I went to work for the University they required that I submit my Social Security Card as identification. I pointed out to them that it specifically says, that it was not to be used as identification, but it made them happy.
Unless you are praying to god for answer wrong area buddy. If it's a recognised identification for that state they can't refuse it
Godless Gazoo:
Arizona has a new ID that meets the fed guidelines if you care. If you aren't leaving the country or getting on an airplane (although that is grandfathered for a year or two) it doesn't matter.

The new one costs a few bucks more.

It should be fine for most ID needs. You might want to get a passport, though, for air travel.
The Lesbomatic:
Just get a driver's license.