Can I use the spouse of my husband's cousin as reference. Is he considered family?

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Long time hiring manager here: I would have no way to really make the connection to you because your names differ. I'd have a conversation with the spouse of husband's cousin and make sure that he/she does not reveal the relationship when that call comes. Example: I might ask how the person knows you. He/she needs to say that you all have known each other for _____ years socially and professionally, and then he/she should immediately change the subject to your traits and qualifications.
He is considered family, but if he has a different last name than you have, the people will never know if he keeps from them..
Elaine M:
That's far enough removed to work.
Beverly S:
He is your cousin in law… no one would know.
Casey Y:
He is family, but if he was an employer.
sure you can

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