Can my gym send me to collections ?

And if they did could that harm my credit ? Even though it s not a credit account
Someone told me gyms can t affect your credit

Other answer:

If they send you to collections for a bad debt, the collection agency likely puts that on your credit report.

Gyms themselves can't usually report you to the credit bureaus. Debt collectors can.

If you have a signed contract with them and don't honor that contract, yes, they can send you to collections. The collection account will also effect your credit score.
Barry A:
Yes they can send you to collections. Any business can send you to collections if you do not pay your debts.
If the gym sends the account to collections, or sells the debt, it will hurt your credit.
They can send you to collections.

It can hurt your credit.

A gym cannot help your credit, but they can hurt it.

Yes. You get no benefit on you credit history for gym memberships, phone contracts, utilities etc. because they are not regarded as credit. But if you do not pay the bills, this counts as a default and does hurt your credit.
Absolutely. Lots of people sign up for gyms, flake, and then either try to get out of it, or just stop paying. If you are a deadbeat it can definitely affect your credit.
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Yes, they can send you to collection. Yes, it could impact your credit, especially if they have your SSN on file. Even if they didn't, a court judgment could still show.
Casey Y:
You signed a contract. Fail to live up to the terms of the contract…payment…and they will continue to bill you and refer it to a collection company. Totally legit.
You agreed to a contract, so if you do not pay, you are breaching that contract and non-payment can affect your credit rating.

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