Can my landlord evict me for under occupancy?

I am a single person renting a 3 bedroom flat from housing association and they are asking me to move out to a smaller property. If I refuse, can the evict me?. I have no rent issues.

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if the association has rules about occupancy and you do not comply with them of course they can
If you are subletting that may be a violation. Are you paying all of the rent for a 3-bdrm flat?
Yes, they can evict you and they will.
Read your lease to make sure your butt is covered, but you definitely have the right to refuse. Eviction/lease termination guidelines are typically made clear in the lease contract. Familial/marital statuses are protected classes under their fair housing act. You can't be evicted just because you're single (or married, or living with someone). Sounds like your landlord made a promise they couldn't keep. It's not your fault or problem if they assumed you'd just move.

That said, even if you refuse, I'd start looking for a new place. Just because you're not getting evicted over it doesn't mean your landlord is done. If they really want you gone, they can choose to not renew your lease. They'll still need to provide you with due notice, but that doesn't really help if you have 60 days to get your **** and get out. If the landlord is shady enough to promise your apartment to someone else, they're shady enough to pull a non-renewal. I'd have a backup plan if I were you.

Read your lease. Did the association aprove your tenancy as one person, at
the beginning of your lease? If so, you may have an argument.
Dan B:
No they can't. But you might make a counter offer that they pay to move your stuff + a little extra for your inconvenience and agree to cover any damages to your stuff. There's more to moving than just moving your stuff. You have to reestablish your utility accounts at the new location.
Read your contract as HA and depending on what type of tenancy you have HA are obligated by law to utilise the property they have/manage to its best, it is a social housing property so rent reduced compared to private property, the 'social reduction' paid by the tax payer… even if you are not claiming HB/CTR to gain even more rent paid for you it is a balance of social housing to open a property that is too big for your 'needs' which would enable them to house a family.
No, they cannot evict you. If the lessor wants to breech the lease and ask you to move somewhere else, drive a hard bargain: they pay all moving expenses for the company of YOUR choosing and below market rate rent on the new unit, for two years.
Probably can't evict you, but I bet he can refuse to renew your lease. Why would you want to pay for more space than you need, anyway?
yes , so a larger family can make use of the 3 bedroom and space

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