Can my mom go to the bank and ask to see a list of what I've spent money on with credit card?

If my mom goes to the bank and asks them for a statement of all the transactions her son made with his credit, will they allow her this?

Other answer:

The credit card company only has a list of what was charged at what company. For example, $150 at Banana Republic. What you bought with that $150 isn't listed, the credit card company doesn't know and they don't care.
Re Vera:
Probably not. Banks only have records of what dollar amounts were charged. They'd need to go to the store and track down receipts.
I Like Stories:
Whoever pays for the credit card gets a list of all the transactions every month.
If it's your account, and she is not an authorized user, then no. They won't show her anything, or give her any information.
Nekkid Truth!:
Is she on the account? Is son under 18?

It wont show what the purchases are, it will only show where purchases were made.

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