Can my mom seek compesation on the fire damage that wanst her fault?

Other answer:

She could seek compensation from the person responsible for the fire, or from her insurance if it covers the damage, I guess. Is that what you had in mind? You're a little skimpy on the details.
You have to post more information about how the fire happened and if you have homeowners or renters insurfance. And, what was damaged? The building or your mom's personal property?

Please post more details.

Casey Y:
Unless someone else was grossly negligent, good luck. If there was simply a kitchen fire, the other party wont end up responsible.
No she dont have renters insrance. Yes i know it was dumb of her. The fire wasnt her fault.
compensation for what, she should have insurance either as a homeowner or renter to cover any losses she had
"Compensation" from whom exactly ? This depends on if you have insurance. Or if someone(like your landlord)was liable.

I really need more info since this is in my sphere of experience.

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Sure, she can sue whoever the idiot was that started it and the landlord.
Sure. That doesn't mean she'll get it, though.

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