Can my mom still claim me as a dependent?

I am 22, I work full time. My income was around $23,000. I go to school but I only took one class the whole year. (No classes one semester and one class the second semester). Is my mom still able to claim me as a dependent? And if so would she be able to get the education credit? Or should I be filing independent?

Other answer:

she cannot claim you, you file single(there is no category of independent)
the requirement is full time school(not one class a semester)
also the requirement that the 'dependent' is not providing more than 50% of their own support
the $10K earned may not have been sufficient to provide more than 50% of the child's support and accepted as a dependent
Pascal the Gambler:
No, she cannot. You are too old given the money you made. You can file and you would be eligible for ed credits.
Possibly if you are permanently and totally disabled and live with her. Otherwise, definitely not.

No one can claim a person who is over 19, makes around $23,000, is not permanently and totally disabled, and is not a full-time student as a dependent.

no. You'd have ad to be a full time student during five sepaarate months of the year. You claim yourself, nobody can claim you. If you qualify for an education credit, YOU get it.
No one can claim you as a dependent. Your mother cannot get an education credit for you. However, you may be able to get an education credit. File and claim yourself.
David and Stephanie:

There are 2 types of dependents.

The "qualifying child" rules do not have an income limit as long as the child doesn't provide more than half of their own support. But it has an age limit of 18 & under for non-students. You don't qualify as a student because you were not full time for 5 months. So you are too old to be claimed under this rule.

The qualifying relative rules have a firm income cap of $4050. You're way over that limit, so she can't claim you under this rule.

Therefore, she cannot claim you.

Any applicable education benefit for that 1 class you took goes on YOUR tax return, regardless of who paid the tuition.

No. Because your income is $23k it is not possible. A dependent cannot have a gross yearly income over $4,050.