Can one person be covered under 3 different health insurance policies?

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Kathy Piranio:
Depending on the circumstances and what you think of as health insurance yes. For example a person could have Medicare, a Medicare supplement, and a policy that pays money when you are in the hospital. I don't recommend the third one but some have such.
It's possible but very uncommon. That doesn't mean that the coverages are simply additive, however. The health insurance world uses something called "coordination of benefits." Only one insurance can be primary.
I have medicare, medicare B and supplemental coverage, and long-term healthcare. There is also dental, eyeglass, plan D prescription and specialty coverage such as cancer but you do not get anything more than full payment for services provided, which is paid to the provider, unless you paid cash and are asking for reimbursement.
Sure. Just before I retired in January, I had the company insurance, Medicare, & the V.A.
Sure. It's not cost effective as you don't get triple paid for your claims, but you CAN do it.
Yes if you want to pay three monthly premiums and you can choose which one to send the bill to.
Why would you?

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