Can online business make money?

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Dr Warren Gates: I think the fact all the dot coms have existed for decades and reported good income, online business can make money. The worldwide retail ecommerce sales is reaching $1.9 trillion this year. It is for real.

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Dr Warren Gates:
Yes, an online business can make money.
Yes. They almost all make money. I know a guy who built a website and covered it with ads, and he makes about 50 cents every month. The website costs him $25.00 a month to operate.

The correct question is 'Can Online Businesses make a Profit?"

Yes, but most do not because the people running them have no idea what they are doing.

John D:
Business is business, the online part is just the delivery system. You still need to have good products or services, good financing and good management.
Obviously, but many don't. Chose your niche well, design the website well, and provide a good product or service at a competitive price. Good luck!
there are many that do and make it good, you have to have something someone wants and provide good service
Yes. But it is a LOT of work.

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