Can opening a store credit card the same day as applying for a mortgage automatically deny the mortgage?

So we just applied for a mortgage today, and while I was shopping I was asked if I wanted to sign up for a member card. I thought it was one of the free cards and said yes but it turn out to be a credit application and I realized this too late. Did I just screw everything up?

Other answer:

Not "automatically." But it doesn't help. Avoid all other applications for new credit if you're applying for a mortgage.
Steve D:
Call and cancel the credit card. Then call your loan processor as soon as you can to explain what happened and that you cancelled the card.. They will put a note in the file for the underwriter.
Nothing is "automatic" but if you are on the edge wrt getting a mortgage then it could stop you getting it.
Ziff Spiffington:
it COULD cause problems or increase the interest rate on teh mortgage
it will affect your credit report as you will have a hard inquiry and a new line of credit, anytime you are asked to give your social security number you have to know it is a credit application

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