Can our 12 yr old grandchild work(do dishes or cashier) for our retail business since she is family?

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No. Only children (and not stepchildren) can work for their parents. You're 1 generation too far. She'll have to wait until she's 14.
Donald B:
I would not let her cashier because someone could say she overcharged even when she did not. Dishes are fine as long as the hours are not long
of course she can work within certain parameters, ie number of hours, and if she is exposed to equipment that could be harmful to her as a child
her parents would not have to withhold FICA taxes on her pay but this does not extend to you as grandparents
Yes in the UK as it is a family business.
she can work but just a little and you can pay her for helping out but not long hours
i h8 milk:
it depends on the state I know here in Florida you can be a server at that age

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