Can people really start a business and make money via online?

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AmericaneCommerce: It is a known fact (though not many know) that it is easy to start a business and make money via online.
But results dependent on creative ideas and hard work.

Other answer:

Yes, lots of people do it, including me. I've been doing it for 15 years and making good money. But it's not easy, requires that you learn new things, takes a lot of time, and is not guaranteed to remain successful. Most people who try it, if they ever get over their fear of failure to even start, will not succeed due to an inability to stick it out when things aren't looking too good. They want it to be easy and quick, and it won't be.
L. E. Gant:
Yes, but very few of them ever make large amounts of money in a short time.
sellling on sites like ebay, etsy, amazon
sure they can.. plenty of people have done it successfully
obviously they do

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