Can someone sue me for requesting a gift back?

I was recently given an inspirational book by an Amway salesman to try and recruit me. After looking into the company, I decided not to get involved, and now he wants the book back.
Can he sue me for not returning the book to him?

Other answer:

Thy print those in the tens of thousands, they aren't going to sue you and if it's a gift, they have no grounds to sue you.
it's too expensive for him to sue you but why not just give him the book back? it's only a book and it could not have very much value
sure he can sue you, but it is an expensive proposition and will not do so for a book
A Hunch:
Just give him the book back.
Go buy your own copy.
Linda R:
Since you don't want to work for Amway………….be an ADULT and give him the book back.
Return it to HIM simple

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