Can someone tell me some budgeting tips?

I know many of you have a lot more bills than I do but I'm kinda struggling with getting everything I need.
Car insurance is $200/month. My health insurance is $90 a month. My gym membership is $34/month. I have two credit cards I'm trying to pay off. One is $1,300, and the other is $300.
I have two pets,

I know many of you have a lot more bills than I do but I'm kinda struggling with getting everything I need.
Car insurance is $200/month. My health insurance is $90 a month. My gym membership is $34/month. I have two credit cards I'm trying to pay off. One is $1,300, and the other is $300.
I have two pets, a cat and a dog.
My puppy has heart disease so her medicine will probably be expenisive, haven't gotten it yet she has a dr. appt soon. She also needs to be groomed every 6 weeks for $60. My cat has ulcers in one eye so her medicine is like $50 every 2 months. Flea stuff for both of them is $25-30 a month.
I also try to save money.
I am 21 still living at home and make $1567 per month after taxes.
I was thinking get pet insurance but I don't think it would make much sense.
Not asking for more money, but any smart ways to always have money put aside?
I didn't include vet appointments, gas, car repairs, hygiene products, or the small amount of fun I try to have lol.
I work full time and have to take care of my 14 year old nephew who needs new clothes and shoes all the time.
It's very difficult.
My dad makes even less money than I do and he pays rent. He is not my nephews grandfather as my brother and i have different dads so he doesnt really do anything for him. I save $600 a month in a savings account and the rest always goes to whatever comes up, there is always something :/

Best Answer:

Michaela: Ok, you added the $600 you put into savings each month? So how much have you saved? If you don't touch, then should have $7,200 per year. But, guessing you take from those savings to pay for other things?

You need to pay off those credit cards and then only pay cash. Once paid off, then (only) charge what you can pay off (each) month, w/out carrying a balance. If you pay off the balance, then will build up your credit.

Next, buy one of those small spiral notebooks that you can put in your pocket. Then each day, put Thursday, under it what you spent on Thursday, which includes buying a pop/coffee, gum or candy. Also list the bills you pay that day. List those items, then on Friday, add the totals from Thursday and start over on Friday.

In 30 days, my guess you will be surprised at where your money is going. Most of think in "big" numbers, like insurance, RX, phone bill etc, but do not calculate that if you go to a movie, buy treats, that the movie could have cost you $40 vs $15 for the ticket.

Years ago, while planning a vacation, we were divided between 3 places to go, and decided based on the airfare and hotel, and a "budget" of food of about $150 a day, would cost us $3,000. But, I started my notebook of each days expenses of tips, cabs, food, trinkets etc and was blown away to find out that it cost us $6,500?? Wow, talk about an eye opener. My husband loved great food and wine, so our $150 budget became about $300 per day. We were in Key West, where every other store was a bar, so those drinks added up. Souveniers, and other minor things added to this, since many people may not count, especially if you charge it and forget about it till you get the bill 30 days later.

That is an easy way, and you will see how much you are spending, since many times forget about those $5, $20 things you buy all the time.

good luck

Other answer:

So I did math based just on the dollar amounts you listed, and I'm still coming up with over $1000 left.

Obviously I left out anything you didn't include, but if my math is even close to right, I can't figure out how you have any credit card debt. I'd literally be taking $300 out of my next check and pay off the smaller of the two without question, then apply everything I was paying to the larger, and have it paid off almost immediately.

Sit down and REALLY REALLY LOOK at your bank statement and where your money is going.

Every time I tell anyone to do this, they always come back to me and say "Holy **** I had no idea I was spending so much money on ________" (insert whatever you want in there, eating out, concert tickets, monthly subscriptions, etc.)

Get rid of ANYTHING that you do not absolutely NEED. Buy food and make sandwiches for lunch, rather than eating out. Say no to a concert or whatever. Get rid of your car if you have public transportation you can take instead. Cancel netflix. Learn to differentiate between needs and wants.

Because yeah I work in a loan office and I swear to god if I have to deal with one more person who insists that they NEED cable television even though they struggle to pay the bill each month, I'm going to stab myself in the eye.

Judy and the Beast:
I would learn to do things like grooming on my own. Puppy may not look right the first few times but it's just hair and will grow back. And look for cheaper sources of expensive medicines like flea medicine. You can buy it online for less than halfprice than the vet usually. Buy the size for 100lb dogs and then measure and dose it out. Ask the vet for a payment plan. Negotiate to pay a set amount each month. You may want to consider animals without all these health problems which are expensive. I'd consider giving the puppy to the humane society as it is a puppy now and more easily adoptable and getting a dog with a clean bill of health. I'm sure that is not what you want to hear but that's what I would do.
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real estate guy:
If you are living at home, why are you taking care of your 14 y/o nephew.
get rid of car and gym, get a bycicle or walk, and find a better vet as they are ripping you off.