Can the irs shut down my business if it puts extreme hardship on us?

Other answer:

Extreme hardship will not stop the IRS from seizing the business for nonpayment of taxes, especially nonpayment of payroll taxes. In the case of nonpayment of payroll tax, the IRS would rather shut down the business than have the business continue to take money from employees.
IRS would only do so if you have failed and refused to honor your legal obligations. IRS works with people who are trying to do the right thing. But those who ignore the law, ignore their responsibilities, and who ignore the IRS, may find assets seized. Those showing a flagrant disregard for law, such as not paying payroll taxes for employees, cannot expect much consideration, regardless of personal hardship. NOT enough information to fully advise.
obviously to have IRS do this you owe the a great amount of of money and if you don't know it already you are already in hardship, if they shut you down you simply would be out of business
Absolutely. They can not only shut down your business but seize assets you have outside your business. Never try to cheat the IRS.
Max Hoopla:
If you want to relieve your extreme hardship by making IRS your involuntary banker, it will cut its losses by keeping you from doing what you have been doing. If you can't comply with tax laws and cover all your other business expenses you shouldn't be in business.
Love big words:
Ryan M:
Of course they can. Do you think that you should only have to pay taxes when you unilaterally think it is convenient?? No one cares about your "extreme hardship". That is not an excuse to not pay taxes.
Pascal the Gambler:
Yes, if you owe them enough money and refuse to set up a payment plan, etc.

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