Can the irs take my tax money 2 years in a row for student loans?

Other answer:

They can take your tax refund 50 years in a row if that's what it takes to clear your debt.

You deal with this by contacting Sallie Mae and either setting up a payment plan, requesting forbearance, or rehabilitating your loan.

Linda R:
The IRS will take your refunds until the student loans are paid in full.
Re Vera:
If you've defaulted on your loans, yes. But it isn't the IRS taking your money, per se, it's the Treasury.
Lee Lee:
Pascal the Gambler:
Yes, they can take it as many years in a row as they need to for the debt to be paid.
Max Hoopla:
IRS will take your tax money to pay your taxes. That's its job.
They can garnish your refund until you're responsibly paying what you owe. Me and the rest of the tax payers want to be repaid.
Jake No Chat:
Yes, they can take money as necessary for back taxes or penalties.
Beverly S:
Yes, they can take it every year till it's paid.
Sure they can. They take it until you've paid what you owe, no matter how many years it takes.

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