Can the local council in the UK force you to sell your house to pay for care home costs?

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Yes tax payer funded care home costs is means tested, so you have income or capital you pay your own and a property is capital, so if you are going into a care home it is not a case of selling your home and giving that money away or spending it, it is used to pay for the care you need and no longer falls on the tax payer to fund it for you……….. that is very simplistic and you need to read up on details but if you have over £23,250 you pay full fees, less than £14,250 and the means test ignores it

More about it in much more detail…

If you have no partner or spouse, then yes they will. Their view is that this is an asset so why should tax payers pay for your care.
They will attempt to make you …
even if, in many instances it is not required / they cannot legally do it…
or at least, they can apply for deferred assets.

It is not black and white / yes and no.

See articles on past issues…

and 2015, proposes changes to protect property.…

and people in the past have tried to side step it…

If the care is for a family member,and no other funds are available, then,yes.
when you are being cared for by the gov't if you have any assets they will be used to pay for your care
Casey Y:
Absolutely. Its an asset

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