Can you be successful with an associates degree ?

I plan to get a degree in the medical field with an AA degree. Either an LPN or surgical tech. Is this a good thing and will i make good money ?

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Yes you ABSOLUTELY can if your associates degree major is in Nursing for RN, Dental Hygienist or Paralegal Studies pay is $50-$70,000 year!
LPN salary is only high in nursing home geriatrics field. LPNs do NOT require a degree you can go to Lincoln Tech for LPN diploma. Surgical Tech pay isn't that good. I would study LPN rather than a Surgical Tech.
Depends on your definition of "successful". Education is always a good thing. Having more education opens more doors to advancement opportunities. Get a 4 yr degree if possible.
The Count:
Of course you can if you have the right job, the right skills and the will power to follow through.

Maybe people are successful without even a high school education while those with a B.S degree learn,

well….. that's it's just BS. Good luck.

Doug Freyburger:
Both are good jobs, but look VERY closely at the supply and demand. The demand for LVNs has been higher than the supply for a very long time. Places are constantly hiring LVNs. The demand for surgical techs is low because the ones who are already doing it tend to stay in the field forever.
you could make okay money, better than having just a high school diploma or GED. It will take you several years to build the experience to make yourself stand out in the hiring pool, however, and you may have to take lower paying opportunities at first to get your feet in. However, if you are just in it for the money, you will probably never have the capacity to stand out and move up in both pay and position.
B4 wasting your time effort money for nothing , GET a library card . Spend some months reading learning how to figure out what you want to b when grown-up FIRST.
Decide how POOR u want to struggle.
Decide what life style u want.
Neither of those will get u a house ownership or new car (unless you sleep in it).
USE the library for actual educated answer locally
Yes! As long as you find the right job. If you find a good job with an associates and are happy, go for it.
You'll make OK money, but the more qualified you are the better. No one pays top dollar for average skill
Donald B:
It is a good thing but you will not make much money.

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