Can you believe State Farm insurance is promoting this degeneracy?

In an ad called #ProtectTheBling they show a black man in his 30's proposing to a 14 y/o blond girl with a bed in the background. Thanks State Farm I will be switching ALL my policys to Geico in the new year. I recommend the rest of White America and anyone against pedophiles do the same.

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PineappleŚćź1488: State Farm is run by jews. What else would you expect from the vermin?

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Still better than their singing "like a good neighbor" magical appearance ads targeting the 9-year-old crowd.
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microsoft lover:
I don't care about ads. Never did.
Par 4:
Yes, I agree, that's pretty bad.

The message there has good intentions – insure your wedding ring – but they really should've chosen a white man for the picture. Or titled the program something along the lines of "wedding ban insurance"

I have not seen this ad it obviously was pulled before it go to me
That sounds VERY unlikely to be real, whrther the guy is black, white or purple
How do you know the girl is 14?
Poor Lil Snowflake:
GEICO = Pay More, Get Less…SUCH A DEAL!!! <rolleyes>

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