Can you cash a check over a year old?

I recently got a lost mail in my mailbox today and found a check addressed to me by one of my old insurance company for $60. The check is over a year old (15 months to be exact). I was wondering if it is still possible to cash that in or is it possible to request a new check from the insurance company?
The check also doesn't mention any expirations.

Other answer:

Look closely at the check sometimes there will be wording in small print saying void after __ days. Most checks issued by insurance or rebate companies are usually good for 90 days before they expire. You can call the company who issued it and ask them to issue you a new one.

I unknowingly received a settlement check for overpaying on my wifes diamond ring. the check fell behind my desk and I didn't discover it until 9 months later when i moved my desk. By the time I found it it had expired. I called the company who issued the check and explained what happened and they issued me a new check

if there is no wording on the check, then you should be ok to cash it

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Dion J:
It is probably OK; however, sometimes banks will refuse to take an old check, even if there is no expiration listed.
Need a new check. Checks become "stale dated" after 180 days.
Casey Y:
Just go to your bank and try…if they say no, then you need to go to back to the insurance company and request a replacement.
A Hunch:
Call the insurance company and ask them to re-issue the check.