Can you claim your spouse as dependent on your social security benifit?

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That does not come into play with regard to Social Security benefits. You are paid a monthly amount based on your income history prior to retirement, regardless of how many dependents you have.

Your spouse would have rights to some benefits if you pass away, even if he/she did not qualify for benefits on their own. But you could be single or have 10 dependents and you would be paid the same, and they would not receive any benefits until they retire themselves.

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There are lots of different social security benefits. If you are old enough and have paid into SS fund you will get a benefit. If your wife has done the same thing then she will also get a benefit. If she has not paid in to the fund she is still eligible to receive a payment based on your participation but at a lower amount than you. If you die she then gets your benefit but gives up her benefit.
you don't claim something like a W-4 on your SS benefit, the amount you get is based on your earnings, nothing to do with your family
yes, if that spouse is of age or taking care of your kids under 16….under a certain age of if caring for children under 16..there is an income limit of about 15k
no. But your spouse might be eligible for their own benefit on your record.
I think it's if she or he only makes less than $15K a year or is physically ill.

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