Can you file you tithes if you are on ssi?

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didn't the response to your other post on the same question satisfy you
SSI is not reportable or taxable you would have no reason to file a tax return if this is your only income
tithes would be reported on Sch A under charitable contributions and you need to be able to claim more on this schedule than your standard deduction to take advantage of any benefit
since you don't have income to report there would be no point to claim any tithes
Bostonian In MO:
It would be pointless to do so. SSI is not taxable and itemized deductions can only reduce any tax that you owe. Your tax is already $0 and there is no need for you to file a return at all.
"file" your tithes? what the hell does that mean? if it's a hundred bucks or less, you get a very small portion back, if you claim anything more, produce a receipt. a true legit "charity" knows this
You can't get anything refunded for the tithes.
Don't waste taxpayer money on superstition.

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