Can you get rich investing in stocks?

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Pork-chop of Doom:
Very, very rich…slowly…

If you invest in good quality dividend-bearing stocks regularly, and reinvest all dividends, you can realistically expect a long-term return of an average of 10-12% a year, overall, so if you start with $1,000 and add just $70 a week (ie $10 a day), in 30 years you will have $8,375,928.46

(To put that in perspective, and illustrate the power of compound earnings, if you started with $1000 in a suitcase under your bed and added a $10 bill every day for 30 years WITHOUT investing that money you would end up with only $110,500 rather than over eight million!)

Donut Tim:

First, avoid gambling! If you buy stock hoping that you can sell it for a quick profit because of the weekly or monthly swings in price, then you are not investing. You are trying to guess better than the public (including the professionals) how the price will change.

Choose a company that has steady earnings each year instead of losses. If your company has very little long term debt, it will likely not get into financial trouble.
Buy these sturdy stocks and hold on to them. When you hold these stocks over a period of time, the prices will go up for a real reason; the companies are earning money every year and becoming more valuable. This is not gambling; you are owner of a money making business. It takes time for that business to earn money.

If you save a portion of your income each payday and as it accumulates invest in quality stocks, over the course of several years you can grow very wealthy indeed. It is like hiring someone to get a job and earn money for you, and then using that money to hire more workers. Your money grows exponentially.

The long run compounded average annual return of the stock market is 11%. Invest in a low-fee (0.05%) index fund that tracks the whole U.S. stock market. History shows that this strategy is almost risk-free because the stock market always goes up over time. Invest $120 each month in this mutual fund and in 40 years it will equal $1 million.
Bipin Kumar TRPL:
Investors may to exactly assess turnaround opportunities in perspective of the above-mentioned variables; generally, this sort of assumption may likewise prompt huge hardship to investors. Actually, investing in a turn story is not for the timid. This can maybe lead investors to a significant misfortune. Although another trading, marketing, an interest in a turnaround story timed simply right can yield huge returns if back by stock trading tips.
More people don't, than do. Primarily because the losers don't know what they are doing, get impatient and take stock tips from their barber.

To get wealthy: buy high quality, dividend paying stocks, buy more shares on a regular basis, reinvest all dividends and hold until you retire.

You will probably be wealthy.

You can't really get super rich but you can profit. Unless you buy tons of stocks but that is risky.
Yes, by investing in right companies
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only if you have a lot of money invested
Yes, of course!!