Can you give a bonus check and not hold the taxes out, but then hold the bonus taxes out on the next weeks regular paycheck.?

Other answer:

no, and I cannot imagine ANY hypothetical instance that it could be done
when the employer reports the amount of income paid to the employee, the FICA taxes from the employee and matching employer contribution is due on that amount of wages, if the employer doesn't withhold it he pays it all when he files his employee reports
he might make it up with the next check but that deduction would not then apply to those taxes, actually it would be more or less a return of an advancement he made on the previous check
Pascal the Gambler:
Hypothetically, yes. Not how at all it SHOULD be done, but it's possible. Unless that bonus comes right t the end of the year and the next check is after the new year. Then you've bridged two tax years and that's not good.
It should not be done that way, but if the employer failed to take out taxes on one check, they can correct the error on the next check.
Casey Y:
Being an honest error, it does happen. I assume you already spent that money and were planning on the next paycheck too. Well, you should have looked more closely.

Sorry, while they may have acted in error and the IRS could fine them, you have no recourse.

A bonus is considered regular pay. You need to take out the regular deductions.
Bostonian In MO:
No. You are required to withhold taxes from each check. No exceptions.
I don't see why not. The company is withholding the amount either way, the method shouldn't matter.
No. Employers have to withhold at least 25% federal taxes.

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