Can you live on 50 dollars a week after rent is paid and all your utilities?

Other answer:

There is no way you would be able to exist on $50.00 per week.

You have to provide yourself food, transportation, communication service, and your utility debts could increase, as utility bills are based on usage.

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If you do not seek out government programs or charity then it will involve eating extremely cheap food that you prepare and buying any clothes and such at garage sales and thrift stores. Even then that would be difficult. It would also involve walking anywhere you go.
Will $50. per week pay for food, transportation, phone, PC, insurance and clothing?
$50 a week just for groceries? lots of beans and rice in this diet
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That comes to $7.15 a day for food a personal items. Never gonna happen.
No, that wouldnt pay for food and transportation or health care.
I make do on a lot less every single month.
Of course not.

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