Can you open a shop and sell products you ve bought from other shops?

So like a popup shop or a whole brand are you allowed to start a business, where you buy different things you like from various shops and then sell them? Or do you have buy them from a wholesaler?

Other answer:

As long as you have the proper licenses, you can procure the products you sell in any way you want. Just don't expect it to be profitable. If you were buying products at retail price, you would have to mark up the price 40-50% just to turn a profit, making your business extremely uncompetitive. Now, there are some examples of licensed products in which the manufacturer does have control of how the items are sold past the first customer, however most manufacturers have no control over what happens to their products past the first customer (in this case being the store you bought the items from).
You probably want to buy them from a wholesaler simply because you need a profit margin. Why would anybody want to buy from you at inflated prices, when they could buy from that same shop as well?

The catch here (besides the often underestimated complexity of building a business) is that you need to buy certain minimum quantities of an article from a wholesaler. For example: the wholesaler offers you a laser pointer for 3 dollars which is sold in retail around 10 dollars. But you need to purchase at least 1'000 pieces of that laser pointer….

But as I have stated: there are many more things to consider. Judging by the nature of your question I recommend you talk to somebody who owns a retail business…

Yeah…! If you want to start any can buy products from other through B2B platform and sell products from your shop.

Chandru from Bizbilla

Doug Freyburger:
Lots of people start out on eBay doing that. You need to know a lot about your product to be able to find prices good enough to cover sales tax out plus income tax on the profit.
Have you ever considered import things from China and sell it in your city? If yes, maybe we can try to do some business.
Andy L:
If buying from retailers to re-sell, where is your profit? The buyers could go to wherever you could buy the items.
It is easier to make a profit when you buy items cheaper.
Yes, but you'll be losing money, if you charge much more.

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