Can you put background music in an interview or is it weird?

I am doing an interview and was thinking about putting background music since it is so dull w/out it. I recorded the interview beforehand btw

Best Answer:

Hector: Go to the settings wheel. Choose Account Info. When the screen pops up click on the option for "viewing email" located under the Settings Heading on the left. Under mail version at the bottom of the popup is two options. Choose the Basic option. Click Save. Voila!

Other answer:

Background music is always a "no-no" when comes to interviews.
Interviews are 'Business-Like', and the person making the questions is in-charge of keeping the interview busy and 'peppy or active enough' to get the person interviewed Interested At All Times.

-Music is way too distracting in interviews, and both people risk not to perform their best because of it. Same thing with fragrances, busy jewelry, too much makeup, not professionally dressed, hair, etc. In interviews should be No Distractions at all, and only focusing on Professionalism and The Purpose of such interview.

DR + Mrs Bears face:
Background music is an annoying distraction and prevents hearing the speakers properly.
No – the interviewers MUST be able to hear every word you say clearly (some people have difficulty hearing).

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