Car not working for 3 months,cannot repair right now,would like to cancel policy for now, is that a problem? Policy premium paid till April.?

Other answer:

That would be many problems.

First, unless you are going to cancel forever, it's cheaper to keep insurance. If you cancel "for now" and you ever need insurance again, it will cost much more, because the price of insurance is based on how long it is since the last time that you didn't have insurance. It could cost thousands of dollars more to get insurance when you don't have it than to keep it.

Second, in many states, it's against the law to own a car without insurance, so you'll certainly be fined, and might lose your license, or worse.

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As long as you turn in your tags to the state DMV, and don't have a loan on the car, it's not a problem.
Casey Y:
For auto insurance I assume. You cannot have a registered vehicle without having insurance on it, so that would be a problem.
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you'll have to turn in your tag or ask your dmv what to do or you'll wind up with a suspended license with an arrest warrant issued on top of it ..
You cannot have an uninsured vehicle sitting on any property you do not own.