Car repo 2011 Maine .. debt was sold. creditor now is suing for deficiency .. I have become ill with Neuro Lyme and am no longer working.?

my only income is survivor benefits from social security what is the best way to handle things

Other answer:

Maybe they can't garnish Social Security benefits but they can still sue you and get a judgement. If you have the funds on hand to pay the debt, they can get it. The car being repossessed doesn't absolve you from the debt. They want the difference between the loan amount and what the car resold for.
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R P:
Your social security payments cannot be garnished, but that doesn't mean they cannot sue you & obtain a judgement against you. If you have another source of income, that money may be garnishable.
Equality 7-2521:
They can sue you, and if they win they can obtain a judgement. However, they cannot garnish your SS payments so they are stuck until you win the lottery or gain other normal income.
They can't sue you. You can't garnish social security. Relax. They can't do anything to you.

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