Catchy Slogan to Persuade People to come to Spain?

I have a project where I have to persuade people to come to spain. I need an appropriate slogan that will get people interested. Something that is catchy, perhaps a little cheesy.

Other answer:

Come Spain some time with us. Viva la Spain. no hablo esponol come learn in Spain. Over the Spain of the centuries. X Spain your horizons. With so many possibilities you could go inSpain.
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Wanna enjoy a great memory lane? Catch your next plane to Spain.
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Not every story is the same, Want a great holiday, Come to Spain.
Spain-Your Heart Wants the Thrill of It
Tried Sangria? Try Spain.
The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane.
Come to Spain bang a slut suck a weiner or suck Deez Nutz .
Sun, sea, Spain, see it for yourself,
Spain. . . Are we on your bucket list yet?
Come dance with the bulls.

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