Cheap online advertising?

Looking for good ways/sites to cheaply but prominently advertise for real cheap. Can be online and/or offline ads.

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BiggestClassifieds and/or LargestClassifieds are 2 big names in cheap, affordable online advertising. Include these websites in your list of advertising portfolio.
There is no such thing ,unless you are advertising something that nobody else has . If you are advertising cars you might have to pay $1 per click as there are so many companies that sell cars and they pay top money to be on top . If you are advertising two headed monkeys it would be very cheap as nobody else has them so you do not need to outbid anyone .Price depends on how many other people advertise same thing .
Cheap online advertising? I have 51 top traffic resources that you can download right now to help with your internet marketing. Check out my link. Good luck.
Local listing, Classified listing and SMO is the best strategy for advertise your website. List your website information in top classified site and create accounts in different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc. You can get good amount of visitor to your site.
It's still too costly, if you simply advertise cheaply, but the people who need your product/service never see the advertising. Learn how to advertise by reading some books on Guerrilla Marketing.
Facebook Ads can be really cheap in certain cases. I've purchased clicks for as low as $0.01-0.03 on a regular basis.

Another alternative is reaching out to site owners directly and paying to place ads on their sites.

Hello, I think already you have gained lots of option for online marketing your business. I have an other idea for marketing your business. That is mobile marketing where you may attract all the mobile users in your target business area such as sms marketing by Sms Company as expert texting.
According to me if you are looking for online advertising websites can be offline from social media websites like facebook,linkedin,tweeter,instagram,etc
Mark Poston:
Facebook is your best option at this point.

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