Could 18 people live comfortably in a 5 bedroom 3 bathroom 1/2 acre lot house?

Just curious because I saw this house and its so big and the number 18 just randomly popped into my head so thought imagine if they could all live there because it looks like they could before you say its only 5 bedrooms adjustments can obviously be made.

Other answer:

No. I wouldn't even want to share that house with a total of 10 people. Talk about hell on earth. I sure wouldn't want to share my bedroom with at least two or three other people. I can't imagine that anyone else would want to either. Heck, I'd hate to share my living space with four other adults; hard for that many people not to get on each other's nerves. I need peace and quiet; unless I stayed in my own room (without having a roommate or two to share it with) I doubt I would be able to get it anywhere in that household.
Pascal the Gambler:
That's at lest 3 people per bedroom, so I would think no. Any adjustments you'd make would reduce the living area by so much it would be pointless.
It would be no problem..if all the residents were organised , tidy ,clean, fairly quiet, willing to compromise and got along together.
The difficulty would be finding 18 people who satisfied these requirements,in real life it would be quite a tall order and to be honest well nigh impossible.
5 bedrooms would legally sleep 10 people. The rest would need to live elsewhere.
It would be challenging, to say the least.
It would be difficult.

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