Could I get another interview? Tips on what to say so I can get another?

The other day I had a job interview at publix. I thought things went well, keep in mind I am 16 this is the first interview I've had. I called a few days later to follow up, but they didn't select me. Is there anything I could do to call them or go up there for them to consider giving me another interview?

Other answer:

You are 16 years old and they know you are still in school. They probably have enough part time workers. They might only need FULL TIME workers. If you look capable of stocking shelves and sweeping and mopping and collecting carts in the parking lot you should have no trouble getting hired. Sure, there is no law against calling them to ask for another interview. They probably would like that. Go ahead and call them. When they finally hire you, make sure you are BUSY every second while you are working. FIND THINGS to do whenever you have not been assigned to something. Just be alert and find things to do. They are watching you at all times. If you start slacking off they will take away your hours. Suddenly you will only work five hours a week. Then two hours. Don't think they are not aware of every moment while you are at work. They know when you are sitting in the back room talking with other co-workers. You will first lose your hours and then you will be fired. And that will follow you. You will find it very hard to get hired anywhere else. You will create your own doom. Now that I have told you what NOT to do. Go get that job. You might be walking into a life long career and work up to manager at Publix.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Reapply next time a vacancy occurs. As they have already chosen someone else there is no point in calling again about this past application.
You don't ask them to be interviewed a second time. If they want to interview you a second time, they will contact you. If they are requesting second interviews and you are not called, figure you did not get the job.
Flatulent Tea Bag Face:
Apply again as normal, make a fresh application. I even started with an employer and walked out the same day, and then they took me on again a couple of years later fully aware of this and then I worked for them for nearly a year.
Happy Gramps:
do NOT reapply there !! you have already made one mistake in calling them, when what you needed to do was be patient and wait 2 weeks, then send an email asking about your application !!!!
They already made their choice. Apply elsewhere.

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