Could the IRS know, if I get paid in cash and I don t file my taxes?

Would they? I don t see how.

Other answer:

Lifestyle audit. You cannot live without an income. By the way, not filing is called tax evasion, a federal crime. Technically you could go to prison. Al Capone did. Some singer Lauren something did. When you need proof of income to buy a car or a home you won't have it.
If anyone you worked for files a 1099, then the IRS will be looking for a return from you. If you ever want a loan for anything, it's stupid not to claim your income. You can't get a loan without verifiable income. You aren't earning credits toward social security either. In trying to screw the government you're only screwing yourself.
YES! Of course they will know… For a start, you have posted on here. They are scanning all sites for the words "IRS", so will already have you in their sights. Second, they check your bank account – how are you living if nothing is going in and out? Thirdly: Where does that cash come from? That will be tracked by them…
The IRS could know, if the person/company that paid you cash keeps details for their own tax purposes. Usually the company that is paying cash doesn't keep the details for tax purposes because the reason they pay cash is for their own tax benefit as well. However, that doesn't mean that they aren't keeping track. If both you and (whoever paid you) is not keeping track for tax purposes, then the IRS wouldn't know.
They have ways. For instance, if they audit a pizza restaurant that buys so much flour, tomatoes, cheese, they calculate how many pizzas they should have sold. They can be tricky to catch the small guys. That's how our government is, the small guys get screwed, the big guys get appointed to cabinet.
They could, if your employer correctly reports the payment or if anyone turns you in. If you apply for something like low-income housing, or if you declare a higher income when applying for a loan, they will audit you.
Steven S:
Depends on if the company that pays you is reporting it. Some companies leave it completely up to the employee to pay their taxes.
You bet, and they will not school the fish, either.. that is to say, they do not disclose their methods for identifying tax evaders.
Only if I turn youin. I get 10% of amount they recover.
Hmm! I'm sure they have ways

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