Couple of questions about trading stocks.?

1. I'm 17 but the age is 18+, could i fake my age, I really want to start now.
2. If so what are some good trading websites for beginners.
3. I have only 100 dollars to start, is that enough.
4. How do i get info on what is best to trade.

Other answer:

Good for you, the sooner you start the better. Here is the basic advice:

1) Open a brokerage account that has low fees. (Barrons has articles comparing various brokerages. I also use a brokerage called eoption which is definitely no frills but also only charges $3/trade. Note that if you want to plan for retirement also look into setting up an IRA or ROTH IRA.
2) Buy exchange traded funds that invest in the S&P 500, like SPY or IVV. Basically these are mutual funds that own the 500 largest stocks in the US and which can be bought or sold like stocks. If you do this then you'll get close to the market return. I believe at present that they pay roughly a 2% dividend which isn't bad.
3) Keep sticking your money in at regular intervals.

The logic here is that the market over the long term beats other asset classes and most money managers, and that by following the above advice you'll get roughly the same return as the stock market. You can do more complicated stuff like picking individual stocks to invest in, though frankly most people don't do better than if they simply take the advice above, and it takes a lot more work. I would only recommend trading if you are really fascinated by the stock market and enjoy it a lot.

Also, I would save up more than $100 before I got started. No offense, and you've got plenty of time to make more money.

I would recommend for beginners. While it is not a brokerage, it is a sort of online encyclopedia of all stock terms and some of the language of traders. For example: Do you know what ex-dividend means? How about Long Term Capital Appreciation vs. Short Term? What is an IllLiquid Security?
Learn the language first. Capital One Investing (formerly Sharebuilder) allows smaller purchases of stocks, but I do not remember what their initial account minimum is anymore.
As for info on what are the best stocks to trade? Everyone has their own opinion-and most, not all, are honest. Thank the SEC for that. Trading stocks depends on what You are interested in? Like soda? buy Coca Cola. Like computers? buy Microsoft.
A nobody:
In North America you must be 18 years of age to open a brokerage account. Opening an account by falsifying the information is in direct violation of both Federal & Civil laws.

All major brokerage firms offer their clients on-line websites that can be used to invest, trade and do research.

$100 is not enough to start investing let alone trading. Most reputable firms require you to have at least $500 to open an account. Anything less than that is a total waste of time and money.

To be a trader you must first learn how to invest. You must know the products and the markets in which they trade and more importantly you must know the rules that govern those products and markets. You need to address four major policies and have very strong discipline to follow them.

You're not ready

A Hunch:
1. To open a brokerage account, you need to provide proof of identity which will include your age. Obviously, once you do that, you won't be able to open the account because you won't be 18.
– if you create fake information, that is bank fraud = a felony.

2. There are thousands and thousands of websites. Each one will have different information. Go get a book like Investing in stock for dummies

3. No. $100 is not enough. You would pay more in fees than you would earn.

4. There are thousands and thousands of different options = how would we know what you are interested in investing in.

I suggest going to the web site of the investment company called Fidelity at where you will be able to learn about trading stocks and be able to speak with an investment advisor with no obligation and without having to pay for anything until you begin trading stocks. Their web site is full of information and as you look at the information, I suggest you write down any questions you may have to ask an investment advisor so you'll be able to learn the basics of stock investing before buying any stock. I look back at when I was 17, and had I played my hunch back then when Apple first began trading I would have invested $1,000.00 and that investment would be worth over five million dollars as Apple split its shares more than once during that time.