How could I get into couponing? And how could I get coupons? i need to start saving money. Help please.

Best Answer:

Janet Pierce: I get coupons from the newspaper (inserts), from, and from trading.

I use to look up all the deals people are doing plus they have a coupon database.

If you shop at Walmart they just started savingscatcher which let's you type in the TC code and date from your receipt and within 72 hours it comes back with any price matching you missed – I got an extra $13.66 this week!

Other answer:

Janet Pierce:
A few of freebie associated sites I ran across researching paid advertisement placements, I am not endorsing them.
Be sure to read the small print…

Here's a 2 hour program on the subject from Youtube (I have not watched it)…

This is the best website to get coupon codes !
you can take help from it is best and reliable.

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