Credit card and APR?

Im 19 with a full time job and im looking to open up a credit card because I know how important credit will be in the future , house new car etc but what im not understanding is if i get a line of credit lets say $2000 and buy something thats 1200 will i be charged interest on the 2000 or the 1200?

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Andy L:
You usually do not get so high a credit limit as first card, and many times start with a secured card.
Interest is charged on the average daily balance owed.
The $1200.
It is an expensive way to build credit.
It is cheaper to buy small things on credit, that you would normally use debit or cash for.
If you would have bought it anyway, you should have the cash to pay after the statement closes as balance at the statement close.
You don't have to pay interest at all in building credit.
You can instead pay full statement balance before the due date each month.
Buying an expensive item that you really could not afford to buy cash, is exactly the bad habit they are sucking you into to live above income and pay interest forever.
Just the $1200.

But you won't be able to get the car or house in the future.

To build a record of good credit so that you can get a car or house in the future, you need to use less than a third (preferably less than 10%) of what is available to you ($2000 in your example). By using $1200 (60%), you create a bad record of using too high a percentage, and not keeping enough of your available credit unused.

1200. U always want to leave 30% of a balance on a card to establish gd credit.
for example I have a credit card for $300, I nd to always have $60 available on the card at all times
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{ Head slap } Why is this not covered in algebra class? Oh, wait, it is. You only pay interest on a debt you owe.
Mark T:
why did I bother answering ?

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