Cutting trees not on my property?

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Valeriy Alekseykov:
If the tree could cause damage to your property you may be able to do something. First I would point that out to landowner in a very polite way (always money ahead to be friendly with neighbors). I would suggest that you are willing to hire a professional to trim it up so it no longer causes damage. If they simply refuse and you are very worried then I would contact a local attorney to see what local laws may say about your next step. In my area you are free to cut anything that extends over your property.
You are able to remove branches and limbs that cross the property line and are on your property.

You might not do damage to the tree that would cause the tree to die. You are not allowed to cut the tree completely down.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


if the branches over hang your property, you can cut the branches, you cannot trespass on someone else's property and cut trees that don't belong to you
if the trees of the neighboring properties are endangering your property contact the owner to have them take care of it, or if that is not successful sue them
Iggy Rocko:
You need permission from the property's owner.
Better get asking local educated adults for actual info locally b4 u get shot or arrested
Probably not a good idea unless you've gotten permission from the landowner.
Not legal……… you need permission from the owner
you cant do that

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