Debit card transaction was used in Atm and didn t authorize it.?

I just found out after 1 month ago My debit card was used in atm machine and Idk how they were able to use it with the pin If I still have the card with me , any help would be appreciated do I call my bank or police ? willI be able to get my money backwith a dispute?

Other answer:

Call the bank immediately. Have them cancel the card and send you a new card, with a new card number, and a new PIN.

The way a person can do a transaction in an ATM when you have the card is to make a duplicate card and use a hidden camera to watch you type the PIN so that they can use it.

You may have previously used your card on a non-bank ATM or gas pump on which scammers had installed a "skimmer" that not only captured your cards magnetic strip but also your PIN when you typed it in. This information was then used to make a new card that is a duplicate of your own card. Be very careful about where you use your card.
Call the bank & inform them
call your bank immediately and see if they will recover your money for you.
Call the bank right away

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