Define Sitemap.xml and Robot.txt in SEO?

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Define Site Map
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First of all, An XML sitemap:
– Ensures better visibility by search engines
– Enables you to rely less on external links that will bring search engines to your site.
– Helps with broken internal links or orphaned pages that cannot be reached in other way
– Alerts search engines to any changes/additions to your site.

– Helps you choose pages that you don’t want to index

An HTML sitemap:
– Ensures improved search and navigation by human visitors
– Improves user experience thereby reducing bounce rate
– Helps you distribute links to various pages of the website.

And following are the steps for creating XML sitemap,
1. Understand XML Sitemaps ( basic understanding of how search engines use them, the protocol for Sitemaps, size limits, and the tags used in Sitemaps.)
2. Identify what types of Sitemaps you need If you want to improve traffic to videos, images, your mobile site, or news articles, use specialized Sitemaps (Sitemap extensions).
3. Pick Sitemap Generation Method ( List of sitemap generating site)
4. Figure out Sitemap content and structure
5. Build Sitemap
6. Check and validate Sitemap
7. Submit Sitemap
8. Check & Monitor Sitemap

Hope this helped you clear things.

XML sitemap is an xml document that helps Google and other search engines better understand your website while crawling it. Or we can say that XML sitemap is a list of URLs on a website that is accessible by search engine crawlers or spiders.

robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct search engine robots how to crawl and index pages of the website.

sitemap.xml is the xml file stored with your website's URL. It helps search engines to crawl websites easily.
robort.txt controls the crawling process.

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