Demand for possesion nonpayment or rent?!?

Help me please, I'm terrified. I live in an apartment in Michigan. The apartment just got a new management company at the start of this month. We put the rent check in the drop box on the 1st like we do every month, then today I come home from work with this rolled up piece of paper under my door handle from

Help me please, I'm terrified. I live in an apartment in Michigan. The apartment just got a new management company at the start of this month. We put the rent check in the drop box on the 1st like we do every month, then today I come home from work with this rolled up piece of paper under my door handle from the state of Michigan saying I owe the new apartment co rent plus late fees. At the bottom it gives instructions on how to seek legal help, getting a lawyer etc.

I've never had anything like this happen before, so I'm scared crapless. I can't "prove" we dropped off the rent! And now I have to find a lawyer? Will my credit be ruined as well now? I have no idea what I'm doing and I can't afford court fees and I shouldn't have to pay late fees, because we did pay the rent? Please, any tips, advice, anything at all? I'm on the verge of a fricking panic attack.

Other answer:

Call them and tell them how you paid rent and let them know you will go to the bank to see if it has been cashed or to where you bought the money order with your recite portion (I had to do this once because some of the mo were stolen so they didn't honor any of them, it took while by my LL accepted the letter stating why the mo was not good, you have to let them know the new management might have a manager who lost it or just did not check well or stole it
Relax. You don't have to consult with a lawyer. That info was only if you want to. Pay the late fee. You paid the rent late. Just because the other landlord allowed you to pay it late without having to pay a late fee does not mean you are entitled to pay it late and will never owe a late fee. In fact, they can charge you a year later for 12 months of late fees if they want to. They are entitled to have the rent the moment they open their business in the morning on the first. Pay the rent the day before the first to be assured that it won't be late. They have a right to collect all of the payments the day before and go to the bank and deposit them first thing in the morning on the first. When it is due on the first, that means 1 second after midnight on the first – they should have their rent. You did not have it in their hands probably for several hours on the first. Am I right? I bet I am. Take paying your rent seriously because if you don't pay the late fee or if they choose to evict you for the lease violation, the eviction will seriously sink in.
the drop box you always paid your rent belonged to the previous landlord, the new owner may not have access to that drop box and he might have other procedures to collect the rent
depending on how you submitted your rent payment you need to contact the old landlord about the money which he might simply be keeping–not legal
Could it be a scam? No company sticks a note under a person's door.
Check your bank account and get a print out,showing the deduction from your
account in the amount of the rent payment. In the meantime,ignore the note,
because of a possible scam. Surely, your landlord is not the state of Michigan.
Could your future rent be paid directly to the landlord's account?
You indicated you paid your rent by check and placed the envelope of check in the rent drop box.

You need to think rational, you do not need an attorney, you also need not worrying about this affecting your credit.

You need to communicate with the new property management group to find out if they are aware of the drop box for rent.

You also would confirm they have not received your check.

If they have not received your check first you need to go to your banking facility and place a stop payment on this check drawn on your checking account. Your banking facility would charge you a penalty of around $50.00 or less to stop the payment.

Once you have taken care of this chore you would need to go to your property manager's office and write
another check for the rent. Do not be surprised if you are charge a late fee for the rent.

Since you have had this problem with putting your rent in the drop box, you might consider taking future rent checks to the property manager's office.

What I find a very effective means of paying my debts is to pay my debts online. Normally you would be given a day that your check would arrive to the person you are paying. You would need to do this about 4-5 days prior to your rent being due.There is not charge by your financial institution to do this.

You would need to have the address of your property manager, some form of account number, perhaps your address and apartment number would do.

You are able to set this form of payment through your banking facility. If you are not aware as to how you are able to do this you might check with your bank.

You would also need to find out from your property management company as to how you would be able to get them this form of payment.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


What has the so-called "state of Michigan" got to do with your apartment rental? No state runs residential buildings.
Big Deal Maker:
Call the manager and tell them that you had placed the rents in the box like you have always done. Go to the bank and stop payment on the check written and write a new one. If they want to fight you over the late fee, Let them know that you had written the check and had to put a stop payment on the check that you placed in their box as usual and would like to know if they are going to cover your stop payment fee`s. See what happens from there.
Nuff Sed:
I would start with a phone call to the manager, just to make sure you're not being scammed, and if not, what the problem seems to be at their end and where they are going to be at lunchtime tomorrow when you have them served with a restraining order.
no you don't have to find a lawyer. you have to contact management, tell them you dropped the rent in the box and ask them to look again. if they still can't find it, you put a stop payment on the original check, write a new one (include the late fee)…you can argue over the late fee later…but for now you want to be paid up so they don't start eviction proceedings which will make it worse.

also, check your bank account to see if the check was in fact cashed.

does the paper actually have your name/apartment number on it?

if you can't afford any late can't afford the need to find cheaper living arrangements as soon as your lease is up–or another job.

you always need to have extra money in savings each month until you have saved up at least 6 months living expenses..if you don't have anything extra at the end of the month in case you do in fact pay late or have an unexpected expense…you are living above your means.

the lease survives any change in management/ is NOT canceled


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