Did anyone bought betting tips from Dr Mitevski. Is it legit or scam?

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You had better be very thankful that you left your wallet in the car. This is a huge SCAM if I ever heard of one. Yes, I have heard of "buying property" on other planets, like the Moon or Mars, but this is simply a novelty item only, not for REAL! IF (big IF) we EVER get to the point in the future of actually being able to colonize another planet, i.e., Mars, that will be so far into the future that you won't be able to use your "property". Maybe your great-great grandchild. Whenever anyone asks for your debit card, as opposed to a credit card, RUN FOR THE HILLS! Unlike with credit cards, where if you have a problem, you won't have to pay, with debit cards, regardless of whether you are taken in by a scam or not, you WILL have had the money taken out of your account and you will not get it back, plus you may not have any money left in your checking account at all! Another indication that something isn't really legit is when you are pressured to act immediately, like this guy did with you when he said that spots were "going fast". I doubt very seriously that enough people are shelling out $2,500 a pop so quickly, although I'm sure this guy wishes that were the case. I can see spending up to, maybe, $100, for the novelty of saying you "own" property on Mars. But $2,500??? Absolutely NOT! If you have that much money that you are able to basically flush down the toilet, I would recommend that you donate it to a worthwhile charity, of which there are tons to choose from.
There's nothing worse than that unpleasant emotion you receive in your stomach once you come home following a day's dropping to face your lady and family. You have to break it in their mind that there is number money this week for food since you lost all of it on dropping bets! But this can change it today with the Zcodes from here https://tr.im/2IwMy .
Zcodes System is a activities investing program developed to give you suggestions about what activities events to bet on and those to avoid. It does that through analytics. It considers their massive knowledge bottom of 15 years'worth of activities knowledge and spits out their prediction centered on this evidence.
Zcodes System gives predictions on all important U.S. sports such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, and the NHL. It has additionally incorporated all significant global basketball leagues, NCAA baseball, NCAA baseball, and horse race!
Dr Mitevski
There is nothing worse than that horrible sensation you receive in your belly once you come house after having a day's dropping to handle your wife and family. You've to break it to them that there is no money this week for food as you missing all of it on losing bets! But this may change it now with the Zcodes from here https://tr.im/B2nkT .
Zcodes System is a sports trading program made to offer suggestions about what activities activities to guess on and those to avoid. It does that through analytics. It examines its massive information bottom of 15 years'value of sports data and spits out its forecast based on this evidence.
Zcodes System gives forecasts on all important U.S. activities including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and the NHL. It has also incorporated all key worldwide basketball leagues, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, and horse race!
Ed Atun:
He sells betting advice. He tells you which matches may be fixed to help you win. People have gone back and analyzed his previous advice. Some days he got every match wrong. Save your money.
Just like all the rest, 100% SCAM!
hes the greatest the bigest adviser lol to all times…

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