Did Nissan commit fraud in order to buyout Mitsubishi?

Nissan is responsible for the stock price of Mitsubishi motors dropping in half, and now they control Mitsubishi. Wouldn't this be insider trading?
nissan outed their partner about the fraud and then bought majority share on a discount

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javier: Actually it was "outsider" trading which anybody can do if they have enough money. Nothing illegal about it unless they traded based on insider information that the general public is not aware of yet.

Other answer:

Nissan was not responsible for the stock price drop of Mitsubishi stock. That occurred when it was discovered that Mitsubishi falsified their fuel economy ratings. Nissan did not hold an interest in Mitsubishi until signing the agreement announced today to purchase a 34% share in the company for $2.2B
Mitsu did it all by itself. Mitsu actually went bankrupt in like 2007, but the Japanese government decided that it was cheaper to keep the company working & making crap, then it was to pay the unemployment to the workers. So the Japanese government started shoveling cash into the company. In early 2014 or 2015, the company FINALLY broke even, then actually started to make some money !! And, all of this time they were lying to the Japanese people about their mileage, while the Japanese people's taxes kept them going … The company should of gone under almost ten years ago. So now the news that Nissan is 'buying' a part of Mitsu ?? I don't think so. The government has twisted Nissan's arm & bribed them to take a part of Mitsu, and again it's for the exact same reason – The Japanese government doesn't want to pay the unemployment. That's the way the Oriental mind works – *IF* you have to screw your neighbor to make a buck, that's fine. The same goes in South Korea. KIA went bankrupt back in the middle '90's, but the government didn't want to pay the unemployment, so the South Korean government GAVE the entire company, lock stock & crappy cars, to Hyundai. To the Oriental, making $$$ at the expense of somebody else is only bad IF YOU GET CAUGHT. What everybody sees is the ONLY important thing; What crap you have to pedal to the world isn't important, just how it looks….
How did Nissan makes Mitsubishi's stock drop? I assume Mitsubishi made their own stock drop by admitting to falsify the MPG numbers.
I am glad I drive Nissan and not Mitsubishi, and I am glad I hold Nissan stock and not Mitsubishi stock, LOL
No of coures they didnt they were just crafty
no, do you undersstand what insider trading even is?

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