Did you ever get laid off? What did you do?

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shipwreck: I was fired, laid off and terminated more times than I can count because I am not a quitter.
You use that time to rest, regroup and decide what to do next. Apply for unemployment first thing and update your resume, gather some references. Before looking for work lick your wounds until you understand what happened. If you apply thinking this was so unfair you were a good worker you won't get a job. You need to start to see it from your past employer point of view, why you? Were you over paid, under experienced, tardy too much, sick too much or was work just slow? Forgive them for letting them go even if they were wrong, don't apply angry for the next job so when the next interviewer says why did you leave the last job you can honestly spin it to be not so bad. An example was my job in 1993 a software company let go 1/3 of the workforce. I was a great employee but cut. The reason was my last promotion to tax analyst/programmer, I was a new CPA and just promoted to a job that takes years to get good at, I was the newest on my team. I did manage to land work for another year in support them development before I actually left but they were right to choose me to cut, I am not angry. I even temped for them the next year and did some work from home later.
My next to were both not my fault, one said I couldn't get along with people, the people were people who worked with me and I trained them but they didn't learn, they said I was mean I was just demanding.
The last was I was to implement new software while doing a full time regular job, my plan was to catch up the normal work then do the software, she fired me for not making enough progress on the new software without even talking to me, her mistake.
My final job I quit to retire but he had talked to the lady that fired me, I told the truth she made an error firing me.

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Yes. Felt sorry for myself for about 3 days. Took an Ego hit. Doubted my skills for a little while. Then ramped up my resume, printed out a bunch of copies, dressed up and went out and put in applications or left resumes at any place that could use my skills until I found another job. Of course I also went to the unemployment office and filed Monday one of being laid off. I also looked on line and in the newspapers for employment and put in on line applications. A hint: If printing out resumes use good quality paper. It may make the difference in you being hired over some one else. Best of luck
If you get laid off just find a new job or apply for unemployment
If you get laid off just find a new job or apply for unemployment.
Yes, I was laid off, took the severance pay and opened my own business, netting nearly triple what I was previously being paid.
Yes. A dot com startup company I worked for went bust once so I found another job the next day.
D R:
Yes a couple of times. I found another job
Collected unemployment till they called me back.

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