Do aeroplanes have to pay tax similar to that of a car?

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Nuff Sed:
Yes, there may be federal and state taxes on ownership and use of airplanes, depending upon circumstances. Some states require annual registration fees. We can't possibly guess what country you're in, or what tax regulations may apply to your particular aircraft, but you could frame your hypothetical in a way that narrows the possible choices.
Pilsner Man:
No, only people pay taxes, aeroplanes and cars are inanimate objects.
Airplanes (and cars) are subject to personal property taxes in some states, and not in others.
Max Hoopla:
They are subject to personal property tax, at least in my state of California.
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Yes and its a huge amount
Angela D:

i pay an annual airspace fee to nav canada. i'm happy to do so. they do an excellent job.


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