Do any stores actually stop customers from carrying bags from other stores?

I work at a TJ Maxx and we always get concerned customers asking if they should leave their Walmart bags up front, or TJ Maxx bags if they have a return. But we always say, nah that's okay take it around with you. Do any stores have this bag policy? Are we wrong for not having it?

Other answer:

Are you serious? do you expect people to go back to their car each time if they shop in different stores.
Perhaps they should catch the bus home, drop off a Walmart bag, thencome into your shop.
Linda R:
If a state has a 'plastic bag' ban…..then EVERY store MUST accept bags from EVERY store.
Collecting bags at the door is to stop shoplifting by unscrupulous people.
{A customer that asks is rarely a shoplifter.}
Nuff Sed:
I have seen in Washington, D.C., and in Portland, OR, and Cambridge, MA: they simply ask you to leave your bags or backpacks with the cashier, up front, or else turn around. I sometimes ask the cashier to show me some ID before I entrust him or her with the security of my personal possessions.
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Depends on the country. I haven't encountered such instances in the United States, but in other countries, yes.
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