Do Companies Usually Send Out W-2s to Employees from the Past Year?

I had to leave two part time jobs during the past year (I went to college). I was wondering if I need to call the companies to get my W-2s or if they would mail them out at some point? Before I left, I was able to access the information on an Oracle system with one of the companies, however, I am not able to anymore.

Best Answer:

Danielle Harris: They should be sent by January 31. If you don't get them reasonally after that call the company and ask for a copy because you never received the original.

Other answer:

Danielle Harris:
They are obligated to send a paper copy by the end of the month. If you don't hear anything soon, call them up and see what's up – they might not have you address, for example.
Donald B:
If you signed a W4 then they are required by law to send you the W2 by January 31. However, if you have moved or they do not know where to send it you need to contact them.
They should send them out if you worked for them in 2015. If you don't get it in another week, give them a call.
They will mail them to you, assuming that you left them with a valid mailing address.

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